REI treats your real estate interests as if they were our own. We consistently view our services through our clients' eyes. 

property management 

"real estate idea (REI) offers seamless integration with our other service lines to meet all of  your

real estate needs "

Since its inception in 2005, REI and partners have developed 157 ground up infill condominium and condo conversion units near Korea town in Los Angeles. REI collaborates with a seasoned team of design professionals, contractors and financial investors to make every project successful.

Our approach is strategic, rather than merely transactional, in that we assess a client's entire real estate portfolio and requirements on a company-wide scale. 



We deliver quality, speed, and professional appraisal reports.

We provide a full range of commercial and industrial appraisal services and appraisal report formats.



Real Estate Idea Appraisal in Koreatown los angeles is a Commercial and industrial Appraisal firm holds an mai designation serving the Southern California region

Real Estate APPRAISAL & Consulting

Residential and commercial appraisers obtain MAI designation Los Angeles Koreatown