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condo project process

1.  Investors are very limited because there are a few people with a big money considering the nature of American society.
2.  It usually starts with less than 5 investors for smooth consensus.
3.  The investors keep their own equity until they receive the allocated profit since the company buys a land after creating an Ltd with a shared equity investment depending on the size of the investment.
4.  The company is self-funded thus it commits the best to business success.
5.  The audit of the investors’ choice examines the cash flow and business process, and makes the regular monthly reports to
6.  More than 1 million cash withdrawals are subject to the prior approval of the Audit.
7.  The Title and Escro companies, which are the third ones, are managing the land and condo sales strictly.
8.  The potential areas for buyers are endless because LA City Housing retention rate is under 50%.

condo project characteristics

1.  Decide whether to raise the target rate by analyzing the market after 2-3 years sales timing.
2.  Location selection - selection of the areas that will be sold under any circumstances. i.e., KOREA TOWN in LA that receives many people's attention.
3.  Design work – A good architect designs most efficiently within the given condition while receives the construction approval for as many units as possible from the City Hall.
4.  Previous tenant evacuation, construction loan approval, selection of the construction companies - Important tasks that should be finished before the construction.
5.  Demolition, construction, sales planning & construction – Possible sales are from the final 2 months of the completion of construction and the sales take 1 and a half year. Sales price are calculated properly.
6.  Profit Distribution, LLC disorganization - excluding the cost of equity based on profit distribution and Co., Ltd. company Project completed by introductions.

DEVELOPMENT: REI is a multifaceted real estate investment and development company based in Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2005, REI and partners have developed 157 ground up infill condominium and condo conversion units near Korea town in Los Angeles. REI collaborates with a seasoned team of design professionals, contractors and financial investors to make every project successful.

"REI is one of the leading development companies whom specialize in both real estate development, construction, and management in City of Los Angeles area, and we are the most reliable and trustworthy company by the investors."

"REI is able to handle from the beginning to the end of your investment needs. One Stop Service for All your Real Estate  Investment Needs."

BROKERAGE:  Real Estate Idea, Inc (REI) provides a complete spectrum of commercial real estate brokerage services – including owner and tenant leasing, acquisition and sales, marketing and consulting – to owners, investors and occupiers of all property types. Our approach is strategic, rather than merely transactional, in that we assess a client's entire real estate portfolio and requirements on a company-wide scale.

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