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APPRAISAL:  REI is a commercial and industrial real estate appraisal firm serving the Southern California region. We provide a full range of commercial and industrial appraisal services and appraisal report formats.We provide real estate appraisals for financing, foreclosure, partial taking and tax appeal.

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Los angeles/Orange/San Bernardino county 

Real Estate Idea Inc. appraises apartment buildings, multi-use buildings, commercial (shopping centers, retail stores, gas stations, funeral homes, nursing homes, medical office buildings, restaurants, catering facilities, nurseries/garden centers, office buildings, lumber yards, movie theaters), industrial (factories, warehouses, refrigerated warehouses), schools, municipal buildings, churches, vacant land and small subdivisions, leasehold, and leased fee.  

range of real property appraised

Real Estate Idea Inc. does appraisals for cancellation of PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), estate tax settlement, gift tax, financial planning, matrimonial, mortgage (first mortgage, second mortgage, refinance or home equity loan), condemnation, tax grievance/tax appeal, relocation/third party, partnership dissolution, corporate planning, guardianship, conservator ship, highest and best use analysis, and to establish fair market value or fair market rental value for sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

range of appraisal purposes

fast turnaround

An appraisal for non-complex properties takes 1-2 weeks and for a complex commercial property, under 2-3 weeks.

high quality reports

Our appraisal reports are reliable, concise documents that exceed industry standards. Each report offers thorough and informed advice written by seasoned appraisers. That's what our clients have come to expect, some of whom are the top names in the legal profession and mortgage lending industry.

Residential and commercial appraisers obtain MAI designation Los Angeles Koreatown